About Us

The goal and the purpose of the Rijeka Sports Association for persons with disabilities:

  • The development and spread of sports among persons with disabilities.
  • The development of sports and recreational activities of persons with disabilities.
  • High sports promoting creativity and creating conditions for achievement of high sports range.
  • Promotion of educational functions of sport, fair play, understanding, tolerance and responsibility through sport activities.

Basic activities of the Rijeka Sports Association for persons with disabilities are as follows:

  • Promoting the common interests of its members, coordinating and synchronizing their program activities.
  • Taking part in the process of defining the organizational criteria for the competition system in the Republic of Croatia.
  • Following and consideration of the current financial issues in sports for persons with disabilities in Rijeka as well as in the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County.
  • Organization of sporting activities for persons with disabilities in Rijeka as well as in the Primorje Gorski Kotar County, as well as organization of competition on all levels for all sports under the wing of Croatian Paralympic Committee and Croatian Sports Union for Deaf People.
  • Development of programs for international and regional cooperation, and including as many sports clubs for persons with disabilities in the process as possible.
  • Strengthening of the Paralympic principles through cooperation with similar organizations in Croatia and abroad.
  • Ensuring the financial resources for these activities.

Partnership with IAHD


Maurice ParryThe International Association for Handicapped Divers (IAHD) was formed in 1993 in Sweden by Maurice Parry, with a primary goal, to teach dive instructors how to train and supervise physically disabled divers. Certified instructors from any renowned dive organization can follow IAHD courses and this was one of the main reasons why interest in IAHD courses soon spread beyond the borders of Sweden.


IAHD's main goals are promoting, developing and executing scuba diving courses for the physically and mentally disabled and for instructors who intend to train such people. Additional goals include the organisation of diving holidays for the physically and mentally disabled and the inspection of dive sites and facilities for suitability for physically and mentally disabled divers. IAHD continues to strive to improve facilities at dive locations in order to facilitate access for disabled divers.

The ultimate aim of the IAHD is to enable disabled people to enjoy the same level of quality (dive) training programs, certifications and diving adventures as able-bodied people.